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If you are looking for a hair growth product that will help you to grow your African American hair long, here are some products that you should try.

Hair Growth Products

In order for hair to grow well it must be maintained to be healthy.  Proper hair maintenance is paramount in helping hair to grow and behave, as healthy hair should.  Keep in mind that it is not just hair products that determine how well the hair will grow.  Genetics play a major role in how your hair behaves (how it grows, how it looks, etc.)  It is helpful to maintain a healthy lifestyle also as this will reflect on your skin and hair.  Eat right and squash those bad habits, which can affect the growth of your hair. 

Favorite Product Options:

Here are a few products and secrets that really could help with hair growth:

Anti Fungal Cream

Yes, you heard that right! Many of you probably know this already if you frequent hair forums and blogs. But if you haven't, it is said that this has worked on 90% on those who have tried it. It has been stated that this method can help you achieve 1 to 2 inches of growth per month. Considering hair grows on average a 1/2 inch per month, this is pretty significant.

The active ingredient that helps with this is Miconazole nitrate. Most anti fungal creams contain this ingredient like Monistat, athlete’s foot creams… Etc.  You'll want to get one that contains 2% of Miconazole nitrate.

How to apply: part hair and apply to the scalp sparingly then massage scalp lightly ensuring all of the scalp is covered. Do this two to three times per week preferably the night before you wash your hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers a natural alternative hair growth product for moisturizing.  Coconut oil is very diverse in how it can help the hair.  You can use it as a moisturizer by applying extra virgin coconut oil and rub into scalp.  It brings out the hair's natural shine.  It works as a deep conditioner too.  Lather in and leave for a few minutes before rinsing.  Coconut oil is naturally anti bacterial and helps to fight dandruff and fungus on the hair and scalp.

Deep Conditioner

Not everyone uses deep conditioners but black hair in particular needs this type of maintenance because of how dry and brittle it can become.  A deep conditioner (like coconut oil) helps to soak into the hair cuticle at the scalp and coats all the way to the ends.  Hair tends to be more brittle on the ends and ends up splitting and breaking.  By applying a deep conditioner as hair growth product on a regular basis you are giving your hair the moisture it craves and you help to save the elasticity.

Click here for a list of natural protein and moisturizing remedies.

Amla Indian hair oil

This product receives rave reviews because it is both affordable and it works.  Applied to the scalp and the edges of the hairline it helps to stimulate hair growth in the very areas where hair loss may first appear.

I know not all hair growth products work for everybody but this has worked for me on my edges. So I would say definitely give it a try and see if it works for you.

I like to use this 2 to 3 times a week at night about an hour before I go to bed so it has time to soak in. I use this in conjunction with the Miconazole nitrate; you can even mix these together.

Essential Oils

Add a few drops of these essential oils to some coconut oil to help stimulate the hair follicles:  lavender, rosemary, and sage.  You can add these to water if you prefer.  You may rinse your hair or leave them in.  These essential oils also smell delicious too.

Here is a really good hair growth hot oil treatment recipe:

  • 2 oz. jojoba oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil of sage
  • 8 drops of essential oil of rosemary

Place oils in a small bowl and place bowl in hot water for 1 minute (do not get water in the bowl). Apply to hair; wrap hair in plastic cap for 20 minutes then wash hair with your favorite sulfate free shampoo.

Quality Shampoo

Not all shampoos are created equal.  You want a quality shampoo that will not only clean the hair but also will clean the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.  Look for shampoos that are moisturizing and sulfate free.  Sulfates are very drying to the hair and scalp especially for black hair.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is another great natural moisturizer you can use on your hair and scalp to help promote hair growth.  The best kind of Shea butter is "unrefined." Shea butter works by drawing the natural moisture from the scalp down through the hair strands, helping to keep all the hair well hydrated.

Take the Test

We want to hear from you.  Try the hair growth product remedies you find on this site and let us know how it's going for you. Give us your honest feedback as it will help others and help us refine or improve some of our suggestions and home recipes.

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